Welcome to the Pro Audio and Lighting repair service page. We have an electronics service technician on staff at our Warren location who has been trained with all of the major brands including: Crown, Martin, Electro Voice, ADJ and JBL just to name a few. Let Pro Audio & Lighting assist in all of your equipment repair needs. Most of the common repair estimates are found below, but because not all repairs fit our pricing table, it is a good idea to stop into the store for a quote of your repair needs. Repairs can be dropped off at any location and if needed we will transport them at no additional cost.

Need repairs in the Metro Detroit area? Call or stop in at our Warren, MI store.

Bench Fees

Stated fees are for Bench Service to access the necessary repairs. Additional fees may apply per the initial examination of your repair order.


Service Price
CD Players
Karaoke Machines
Turntable $75.00
Mixers $75.00
Amps $75.00
Wired Microphones
Wireless Microphones
Non intelligent lights
Intelligent lights valued up to $300
Intelligent lights valued over $301
DJ computer software trouble shooting
Warranty items up to 20lbs
Warranty items from 21 to 50lbs
Warranty items that are oversized.
Call for quote
Warranty items over 50lbs
Call for quote

Technics 1200 Set labor *:

Tone arm replacement
Pop up lights
RCA replacements
Pitch control
Alignment and cleaning
Power knobs
* = Labor only! Parts are additional.

All prices are for bench service only and do not include parts. Additional labor may apply.

Bench fees are a non refundable deposit for the evaluation of any given repair and will be applied toward that repair if authorized by the customer. Although most repairs fall within the bench fee, additional labor charges may apply. Unless specified by the customer, all repairs are pre authorized for up to twice the bench fee.

Warranty items will be accepted for repair in house or sent back to the manufacturer at Pro Audio and Lighting's desecration. The manufacturer has final say for what is and is not covered under the warranty. A receipt is required for all warranty claims.

An oversized warranty item is anything that requires packaging that meets UPS oversized shipping standards.  These items will be quoted warranty handling fees upon acceptance. 

Computer trouble shooting is a flat per half hour charge with the first half hour as the non refundable bench fee. The first hour of service is pre approved by the customer before work begins.  This service is to specifically address installation and configuration issues for products Pro Audio and Lighting sells. The cost of any additional hardware or software that may be required to correct any issues found will be the customers responsibility.  Pro Audio and Lighting is not responsible for issues that arise from hardware or software conflicts (for example a printer or modem sharing a port required by the software that is not working).

Technics 1200 turn tables have set labor fees. As with all repairs, parts are additional.

Repair Policy
  1. No repairs or warranty items will be accepted without a deposit.
  2. Bench fees are for diagnostic services only and will be applied to the repair upon completion of service.
  3. Bench fees are non refundable.
  4. Unless specified, all repairs are pre authorized for up to twice the bench fee.
  5. Pro Audio & Lighting is not responsible for computer failures during the installation, configuration, or trouble shooting of any hardware or software.
  6. Pro Audio & Lighting will not provide assistance for any unlicensed software.
  7. Pro Audio & Lighting reserves the right to decline any repair at it's sole desecration.
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