Price Guarantee

Found it for less? We want to know.
Due to the restrictions that some manufacturers put on us to remain authorized dealers of their products, we can not always print our lowest pricing.  What we can do, however, is match or offer better pricing if you contact us directly. works hard to offer you the best pricing available on products listed on our web site, but sometimes a competitor sneaks one past us. When that happens, we want to know about it so that we might offer you the same or sometimes an even better deal. Email us at or call us at 800-357-8991 for assistance. We worked hard to get you here and we want to keep your business!

We want your business
We are authorized dealers!

If you see a price advertised for lower on another site, many times this is because you are looking at products from an un-authorized dealer or a counterfeit item with possibly no manufacturer supported warranty is included with that product. So be aware of this. When you purchase new items from, unless stated in the listing, you will always have the piece of mind knowing that you are purchasing form an authorized dealer and getting the manufacturers warranty.

  1. We will not work with pricing from unauthorized dealers. 
  2. We cannot extend this offer to discontinued or special order items. 
  3. We cannot match a price that is not available for general public viewing, such as buying clubs or members only sites. 
  4. The item has to be an exact match in model and product addition. Used, or reconditioned products do not apply. 
  5. Free shipping may not be available with price-matched purchases. 
  6. Your best bet is to contact us to verify if a product qualifies or not.
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